On 17 Oct, 2016


Festival Season!
On 1 Jul, 2016

So, we kicked off the festival season with a favourite of ours, LeeStock, up in the rolling fields of Long Melford Hall. Such a great crowd and always feel welcome up in those parts.


So welcome in fact, that we’ve been invited back to play the Long Melford Street Fair on 10th July! So if you’re from the suffolk area, pop along and say hello! Community festivals are our bread and butter, and we’ve already knocked a few out this summer with The Plumstead MakeMerry and Manor House Gardens Festival. So, we’re already looking forward to heading back up that way!


In other news… we’re well on the way to finishing off our next lil EP. So keep your eyes peeled for 3 brand new tracks from us, or pop along to a gig soon and you can catch it live! We’re booking up some new shows for you all now!


Cheers x

‘Short Stories and Tall Tales’ OUT NOW!
On 13 Oct, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sinners and Saints, We are so happy to announce that our new EP is out and available to buy NOW!

Download your copy from www.themjmband.bandcamp.com

Buy your physical copy from www.themjmband.bigcartel.com

Spread the word and tell your friends and neighbors.

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Still We Fall
On 1 Sep, 2015

Here it is, Ladies and Gentlemen!

The debut of our first single from our upcoming new EP ‘Short Stories and Tall Tales’

‘Still We Fall’

Filmed by our good selves and some lovely friends at Treehouse Festival back in July.

Out 01.10.15

Have a look and share it around!

‘Short Stories and Tall Tales’ Release Date!
On 5 Aug, 2015



Friends, Lovers, Sinners and Saints. We are pleased to announce that our new 5 track EP ‘Short Stories and Tall Tales’ will be released on 01/10/15 on physical release and digital download.

We’ve got a lil homemade video to be released on 01/09/15 which will be the official video for the first track off the EP, ‘Still We Fall’.

A lyric from which song inspired the artwork below, which has been lovingly created for us by the wonderful Kathryn Miranda Smith.

We’re really excited for you guys to hear it, We’ve hoarded it for long enough!

So get SHARING and spread the word!

new ep advert

Short Stories and Tall Tales
On 28 Apr, 2015

We’re really excited to announce the news that we’ll be releasing a new EP sometime late summer.

Short Stories and Tall Tales is a slight departure from our debut album and focuses more on the stories and lies we are told to get us through the hard times, and even the good times.

We’ve held onto these tracks for a long time now and are excited to put them out there and also to move on to something… new.

On 8 Apr, 2015

So… a long time with no posts, and quite a bit happening.

First of all we’re happy to say we’ve replenished our stock of BTDATDBS physical copies! and they are now available over at our shop! www.themjmband.bigcartel.com

Secondly, we’ve got loads of exciting shows coming up (check out the events page for full listing), including another appearance at the awesome LeeStock! and a small set at The Treehouse Festival! We’re also back at The Icarus Club at Mycenae House in Blackheath for an intimate headline show with some great support.

And Finally… this…


On 13 Jun, 2014

So… It’s been a year since we released our album. To celebrate, me and the guys are having a little shindig tonight and seeing in the early hours of the morning with a bottle of whiskey.

And for you guys… well we made you this to say thank you for all the support you’ve given us over the past year, and to beg you not to stop.

Huge Thank You to Quint-Essential Promotions, Ian Breeds and Sarah Tyler Shaw for everything and their continued love.

Keep your eyes peeled for the conclusion to the story in Part 2, coming out next month set to our song ‘As Soon As My Heart Stops Beating’

‘Just To Know’ Video news
On 11 Jun, 2014

Hey Guys! So… part 1 of our 2 part homemade video series with Quint-Essential productions is due for release THIS FRIDAY at MIDDAY!

Why this friday you ask?! Well, its to mark a year since our album launch party for ‘Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea’

We had so much fun working with Director Ian Breeds on this project and were extremely lucky to have the beautiful and talented Sarah Tyler Shaw as our leading gal, not to mention the unparalleled acting talents of Rochelle Parry and Andy Gibbins.

Keep your eyes peeled on Friday for its release, and be sure to be on the look out for its conclusion in the up coming month!Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 14.33.19

On 30 May, 2014

Hey Guys, we’ve been a bit quiet over here recently, sorry about that! But I promise we’ve been busy gigging, Writing and Filming…

I just want to say a huge thanks to Everyone at LeeStock Music festival for asking us to play for their fantastic cause last weekend, we had a blast. Go check out all the work they do for The Willow Foundation over at www.leestock.org

Secondly, with regards to the filming side of things, as you may know, we’ve been working with some close friends of ours over at Quint-Essential Productions to create a 2 part Video story for 2 of our songs…. well… We’re excited to sat that they’re very nearly finished, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on them!